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Testosterone Therapy

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?



Testosterone is a hormone produced by the male testicles and ensures the correct development of sexual characteristics. It is also important for the maintenance of sufficient levels of red blood cells, a feeling of well being, the structure of the bones, muscle bulk and of course the reproduction function. If erectile dysfunction is experienced there is a chance that this could be due to a decrease in testosterone also known as “low t”. If this is proved to be the case then testosterone therapy can be administered to help with the erectile dysfunction. Testosterone production gradually declines as a man ages. This normally starts at around thirty years of age.



Testosterone Replacement Therapy Side Effects



testosterone therapy lawsuitA recent study concluded that users of testosterone drugs were at increased risk of testosterone heart attack and stroke. A popular testosterone drug, Androgel, has a warning label which lists a number of testosterone therapy side effects such as blood clots in the legs and high blood pressure and warns that there could be serious complications for users who have kidney disease, heart problems or liver disease.


There are an increasing number of claims being filed from users of testosterone therapy for low t after a November 2013 study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association according to testosterone lawyers. The study has concluded a link with some serious side effects which even include death.


There has been a sharp increase in testosterone prescriptions over the last few years from 208 million in 2008 to 432 million in 2013. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only approved the use of testosterone therapy for those that have been diagnosed with low t. The increase in prescriptions has been explained as an effect of the aggressive advertising by the manufacturers of these medications. It is also surmised that doctors are prescribing the drugs “off-label” (for uses that are not specified on the label) in order to help with the natural reduction in testosterone with age and to improve the sex drive of their patients. This is an illegal activity.


It is claimed by doctors that they were unaware of the side effects of testosterone therapy and now they advise their patients to think about the cardiovascular risks and do they outweigh the benefits of taking the medication.


Testosterone Heart Attack



testosterone therapy side effectsThe recent study by JAMA reveals that patients who used testosterone therapy for low t were thirty percent more likely to suffer a stroke, a heart attack or even die over a three year time period than patients with low t that did not take the medication. There were three thousand participants in the study and they averaged sixty years of age and most of them were experiencing other health problems which included diabetes, hyper tension and high levels of cholesterol.


Despite this it was concluded that the men who began the study with clear and healthy coronary arteries were equally as likely to suffer a stroke, a heart attack or die as those men participating in the study with some form of coronary artery problems.


It will probably not surprise you to know that studies that were conducted by the manufacturers of testosterone replacement therapy drugs did not conclude an increased risk of cardiovascular problems through the use of medication such as Androgel.



Androgel Lawsuit



Daily testosterone replacement therapy products called Androgel are available by prescription and are manufactured by the AbbVie company. Application of the gel to the upper arms and shoulders carries a risk of secondary exposure to testosterone for women and children. In September 2009, a black box warning about secondary exposure to the gel for women and children was placed by the FDA.


Androgel lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer which claim that they did not disclose the facts about the potential side effects of taking the medication. The first case was filed in the court of the northern district of Illinois by Kenneth Aurecchia who states that he suffered from a heart attack through use of the drug. There are many more testosterone therapy lawsuits expected to follow.



Alternative Testosterone Treatments



Treatments for low t can be provided in a gel (for example Androgel), implants, injections, pills, patches or creams. There are other products that qualify for a potential testosterone lawsuit and the brand names are:


AndroDerm. This is a testosterone patch that is available in two strengths of 2mg and 4mg.


Axiron. This is a solution that is applied to the armpits in a similar way to using deodorant.


Bio-T Gel. This is a once a day gel treatment


Delatestryl. This is administered by way of injection.


Depo-Testosterone. Another injection product for low t.


Foresta. This is a spray gel to be applied to the inner thighs on a daily basis.


Striant. This comes in tablet form and releases approximately 30mg of testosterone into the body.


Testim. Another gel which is to be applied to the shoulders.


Testopel. An implant is placed under the skin that releases the hormone over three to six months.


The manufacturers have all been accused of profiteering and not disclosing the potential risks of using these drugs. This includes a failure to properly research the potential risks of strokes and heart attacks from the use of testosterone therapy especially in those patients that are already suffering from other medical problems.


The other side of the coin is the aggressive marketing that encourages men to take low t prescription drugs if they experience weight gain, a decreased sex drive or a lack of energy. These symptoms are generally experienced by men as they age.





Testosterone Lawyers



If you or a family member has suffered serious side effects from using testosterone replacement therapy then you are advised to contact a testosterone attorney to see whether you have a good low t lawsuit case. Experienced low t lawyers will be able to assess whether your situation merits a court case. You can contact highly competent low t lawyers by using the form on this page.


If you have been taking Androgel then there are specialist Androgel lawyers for this. You can get in contact with an Androgel attorney by using the same form on this page.