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What Is Zoloft?



Zolft, also known as Sertaline, is antidepressant medication in the class of drugs known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). If the chemicals in the brain become imbalanced this can make an individual depressed, cause anxiety and panic attacks and even lead to compulsive-obsessive behavior. Zoloft is a treatment for these symptoms.


Primarily used to treat the effects of depression, Zoloft can also treat post traumatic stress disorders, premenstrual dysorphic disorders, anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorders.




Zoloft Side Effects



Research has been conducted into the side effects of Zoloft and this has uncovered a link to increased risks of heart defects. This link has caused concern that women who are pregnant should not take the drug. There is also a link suggesting that SSRI medication including Zoloft can cause persistent pulmonary hypertension in newborn babies. There has been at least one Zoloft lawsuit filed which alleged that a baby had been born with a very serious birth defect because the mother was taking the Zoloft medication during her pregnancy.


Research into Zoloft has not absolutely concluded the link between mothers who take the drug during pregnancy and their child being born with a coronary birth defect. Medical ethics will not allow such studies on pregnant women. However it is already known that if a woman takes antidepressants during pregnancy that there is an increased risk of the newborn having a heart birth defect. The drug Paxil or Paroxetine is known to increase the risk of infant heart defects if taken during pregnancy and it is in the same SSRI group of drugs as Zoloft.


Studies have shown that a link between other antidepressants in the SSRI group cardiac and congenital malformations exists. At the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, a study revealed that the risk of babies being born with birth defects (including those relating to the heart) was increased in women that took SSRI medication up to thirty days before conception and through to the end of the first trimester period, compared to women who had not taken any SSRI drugs during this time frame.




Zoloft During Pregnancy



zoloft lawsuitThe FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has placed Zoloft in the pregnancy Category C and this means that studies using animals may have concluded that birth defects can occur if the mother was administered the drug during pregnancy. At the time of writing it has not been concluded in any human trials that the risks of taking Zoloft while pregnant outweigh the benefits intended from the drug’s use.


Those women that need to take antidepressant SSRI drugs, including Zoloft, and are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant should consult with their doctors to assess the risk of taking such medication during pregnancy. It is not just about the risks of Zoloft and pregnancy but also the possible effects of discontinuing the medication. A balance needs to be struck between the risks and the potential benefits of the woman taking the drug. There are also potential dangers with Zoloft and breastfeeding.


Researchers have raised questions about the use of antidepressants such as Zoloft while pregnant. Today more and more studies about the risks of Zoloft in pregnancy and other SSRI antidepressants are being undertaken.



Zoloft Lawsuits



A number of Zoloft lawsuits have been filed by patients or their families if the development of severe side effects or reactions are experienced which were not appropriately warned about on the product packaging or label such as Zoloft birth defects. It is wise to consult with a competent and experienced Zoloft lawyer before filing a claim for compensation. There are a number of Zoloft birth defects lawsuits being considered today.


The Zoloft warning information on the packaging and label lists a number of side effects there is no warning about the risk of birth defects if pregnant women take the medication. There have been over one hundred Zoloft lawsuits filed by individuals and families due to birth defects in their babies.


If you or one of your loved ones was taking Zoloft during pregnancy or taking Zoloft while breastfeeding and your newborn baby suffered birth defects, you can consult with experienced Zoloft attorneys who will look at your case and advise on the best course of action. You may be entitle to a compensation claim if a case can be filed and won in the courts. Take the first step to your claim today and contact competent Zoloft attorneys.







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